Patch Master Award

The Patch Master Award is given by the Expedition Navigator to the Explorer that designs the artwork for the event patch.  The Explorer’s goal is to create a patch that visually creates the essence of the event. The Son of the Circle Navigator is given the honor to design the patch for the event that they are hosting.  

Recipients of the Patch Master Award 

September 2015Laser TagAndrew Villalobos
June 2015Year End Campout
Cole Thompson - Rangers
May 2015Camp SurfThomas Stoebner - The Mighty Skunks
April 2015 Spring CamoutMalek Yehya - The Mighty Mojave
March 2015Pinewood DerbyJacob Flores - Ghost Riders
February 2015 Winter CampReese Jenican - Thunder Creek
January 2015SupercrossMalek Yehya - The Mighty Mojave
December 2015Christmas AdventuresCole Thompson - Rangers
November 2015Turkey ShootReese Jenican - Thunder Creek
October 2014Fall CampoutJacob Flores - Ghost Riders
September 2014Thrill ItRobert Stoebner - The Mighty Skunks
June 2014Year End CampoutHolden Anderson - Rangers
May 2014Santa Ana ZooTyler Henry - The Mighty Skunks
April 2014Spring CampoutEthan Stell - The Mighty Mojave
March 2014Pinewood DerbyMaxwell Greene - Ghost Riders
February 2014Winter CampJames Holmgren - Thunder Creek
January 2014Monster JamKenneth Lovejoy - The Migty Mojave
December 2014Christmas BowlingTyler Henry - The Mighty Skunks
November 2014Turkey ShootJames Holmgren - Thunder Creek
October 2013Fall CampoutMaxwell Greene - Ghost Riders
September 2013Pirate AdvetnureHolden Anderson - Rangers

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