Council Positions

Expedition Navigator

  • Campfire
  • Communication
  • Run Base Camp Meetings
  • Set Base Camp Meeting schedule
  • Set Event Schedule
  • Ensure budget is being managed
  • Manage Circle Navigators
  • Vision
  • Attends Federation meetings and reports back to Council

Compass Bearer

  • Chapel
  • Opening and Closing Prayers
  • Sets schedule for following year in late Spring
  • Safety Officer
  • Partner with Youth Campaign
  • Support vision of Expedition Navigator and fill in during times of absence
  • Sets up induction circle with Expedition Navigator and Y’s Guys at Regalias
  • Maintains possession of induction kit

Treasure Keeper

  • Reports on Financial status of events
  • Involved in Event pricing discussions
  • Coordinates with Director to get needed info
  • Determine if budget is adequate/acceptable
  • Make sure circles in charge of events stay within budget
  • Tracks surpluses

Log Keeper

  • Base Camp Meeting Minutes

  • Council Roster Updates

  • Roll Call at Camping Events

Patch Master

  • Event Patch Ordering –Based on Event Host’s design
  • End of Year Council Plaques
  • End of Year Graduation Awards
  • End of Year Compass Journey Completion Awards
  • Council plaques
  • Graduation plaques
  • Compass Journey trophies

Campfire Director

  • Keeper of the Sound System
  • Aids Navigator with Campfire entertainment
  • Coordinates set up of Campfire and Chapel at direction Expedition Navigator and Compass Bearer


  • Promotes Compass Journey participation

  • Takes direction from Federation Journeyman

  • Holds meetings and coordinates with Circle Journeymen

  • Coordinates Compass Journey activities at Campouts

  • Compass pin and lanyard handout

  • Compass Direction Patch hand out


  • Coordinator of 2 Council Hosted Events


  • Starts fires (campfires, that is)

  • Coordinates wood for fires


  • Tells stories (at campfire)


  • Puts together end of year slide show

  • Coordinate the receipt of pictures throughout the year

  • Takes photographs of all groups at events

  • Coordinates with videographer


  • Coordinates Recruiting efforts with Program Director

  • Communicates with new recruits

  • Helps place new recruits into circles

  • Coordinates with Federation regarding events through YMCA as potential recruiting events.


  • Collects info on Council gear, orders gear, distributes gear

  • Special outfitting projects (banners, flags, etc.)

  • Orders Council Hats

  • Orders Expedition shirts


  • Coordinates regalia theme with Council and host circle

  • Encourages regalia participation through creative ideas


  • Wisdom

  • Aids navigator with campfire entertainment

  • Helps/Runs regalia induction ceremonies

Y’s Guys

  • Wisdom

  • Guidance


  • Manages Circles
  • Supports Mission of the Expedition
  • Attends Base Camp Meetings
  • Coordinates Hosted Event

If you are interested in a leadership role with the HUYA Big Sky Expedition please speak with the Expedition Navigator

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