Program Structure

The Adventure Guide Program has four different layers of structure that help to organize and facilitate the program.

Guide & Explorer ‐ These are the names for parents and children. Each person is to come up with an Adventure Guide name when joining the program. Coming up with an Adventure Guide name is one of the strongest memories of the program for parents and children. It may even take several months to come up with something appropriate and meaningful. Names should try to stay with the adventure or nature themes. Good examples of names include: Little Snow Bear, Big Thunder Cloud, Mighty Oak or Little Running Bunny.

Circles ‐ Circles are a group of Guides & Explorers. Typically Circles are made up of 5‐12 families within a school or neighborhood, but not necessarily. Circle groups come up with a name that connects to nature, adventure or their larger Expedition. Good examples of names include: Fox, Rangers, Spirit or Ridge Runners. Circles meet regularly, usually monthly, at homes or community locations to complete meeting items and work on the Adventure Guide Curriculum.

Expeditions ‐ Expeditions are groups of Circles organized by gender (i.e.Father/Son). Typically an Expedition is made up of 4‐10 Circles. Expeditions have names also with the adventure or nature theme. Good examples of names include: Wild Wilderness Expedition, Sunshine Expedition, or Peaceful Waters Expedition. Expeditions host regular events, usually monthly, bringing all Circles together.

Federation ‐ Federations are a group of Expeditions within a region. Expedition Navigators meet as a Federation to work on joint causes and collaborations.

Learn about the Adventure Guides Program Details at our Program Details page.

To learn more about the HUYA Big Sky Expedition please contact the Expedition Navigator.

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