Compass Program

Compass Journey 

The Compass Program is part of the Adventure Guide journey that should be accomplished with a parent and child. At the end of the program the goal is to have a completed patch set with supporting pins. 

The compass journey should take the entire length of program participation, so there is no need to rush through the process. The tasks are meant to be completed as a parent/child unit. For example, it would be that if a child is part of a swim team to complete the journey in the East (Nature) of swimming 25 feet. Yet, by just checking off the list, the parent/child experience is lost. By choosing a special day and time to visit the pool and accomplish this specific compass point, a memory is created and the child has a stronger sense of accomplishment and comfort of how important their parent thinks they are for doing it. 

The ideal setting to earn and acknowledge task completion is within Circles, however some groups have decided to acknowledge completion of a journey at larger Expedition events during campfire. It is the responsibility of the Circle Navigator or Circle Wizard to coordinate completed tasks and recognize accomplishments (tracking sheets and detailed task examples are available on request). These individuals are also responsible for obtaining the necessary materials from the Adventure Guides Director to run the program. 

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