Navigator Award

The Navigator Award is given by the Expedition Navigator to a Father and Son that eximplifies the true spirt of the HUYA Big Sky Expedition which is to have a great time with your son.  The Navigator Award recognizes a Father's dediation to his son and our Expedition.  Each month the Expedition Navigator will select a Father and Son that deserves to be recognized for their outstanding efforts.  

Recipients of the Navigator Award 

September 2015
Armando and Andrew Villalobos - Rangers
May 2015
Paul, Ryan and Zach Dadant - Ghost Riders 
April 2015
Nazih and Malek Yehya - The Mighty Mojave
March 2015
Esteban and Sebastian Rangel - The Mighty Mojave
February 2015
Johnny and Cory Bradburn - Thunder Creek
January 2015
James and James Wiegman - Ghost Riders
December 2014
Nick and Cole Thompson - Rangers
November 2014
Gary, Elijah and Joshua Foster - The Mighty Mojave
October 2014
Randy and Griffin Oh - Ghost Riders
September 2014
Ken, Cooper and Mason Shaw - Rangers 
June 2014
Peter and Tyler Morris - The Mighty Mojave
May 2014
Ed, Robert and Thomas Stoebner - The Mighty Skunks
April 2014
Andrew and Christopher Kaluzny - Ghost Riders 
March 2014
Jim and Christopher Borson - Rangers
February 2014
Paul and Curtis Kolar - The Mighty Mojave
January 2014
Roy and Jake Garner - The Mighty Skunks
December 2013
Dan, Ezekiel and Jacob Hannegan - Ghost Riders
November 2013
Paul and Holden Anderson - Rangers
October 2013
Don and Troy Reindl - Thunder Creek

Navigator Award Photos

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